2022: Covid-19 Pandemic continues…

Another year gone by, the pandemic is still upon us. Not the way we were hoping to start 2022. It seems that Covid-19 is here to stay. The fact that this pandemic has lasted so long, and seems to be getting worse, we are reminded now more than ever, of our mortality. This brings me to my top reasons WHY now is the time to make those plans, and travel:

1. Tomorrow is not promised. Many of us have either experienced Covid-19 through a family, friend, associate or even personally. It goes to show just how precious our time is and if not now? Then when?! Countries continue to tighten up their screening and rules in relation to the overwhelming situation. With that in mind, I would dare say that it is safe to venture out on a travel adventure, as long as you follow all guidelines that are required of you and adhere to them religiously.

2. What better way to isolate yourself than on a Safari travel. Naturally you and the animals should be maintaining more than 6ft guidelines, or else one of you will end up as a meal option. With the nature surrounding you and total serenity, what better way to escape all the madness going on around the world!

3. The tourism industry is a livelihood to a very large population.Most of the people working in this sector have been displaced and facing challenging times. As much as we can, we can bring the industry and livelihoods of our hospitality sector.

We look forward to the end of the pandemic, but until then, we live as much as we can!

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