Toddler Travel…in the wild

It is one thing to plan a trip, it is another to experience the curated trip. For years I have planned family travel, and this year as a new mom I finally got to experience first hand what it is like to take a child under the age of two on safari. Here are a […]

Why Nairobi…

Bustling. Exciting. Culture. Mischief. Fun. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Nairobi.  The capital city of Kenya, and the ONLY city in the world that has a full blown National Park. Like really, catch a lion randomly crossing the road on a random Wednesday afternoon…while I kid on the […]

Is it safe to travel to Africa with the Covid pandemic?!

As a mother to a toddler, I was extremely nervous to travel cross country in July this year. Travelling with a toddler is already nerve wrecking, but my main concern was covid pandemic and how safe it would be for us as a family to travel from Atlanta to Kenya. There was conflicting information on […]

2022: Covid-19 Pandemic continues…

Another year gone by, the pandemic is still upon us. Not the way we were hoping to start 2022. It seems that Covid-19 is here to stay. The fact that this pandemic has lasted so long, and seems to be getting worse, we are reminded now more than ever, of our mortality. This brings me […]

How to choose the right trip in Africa!

It can be overwhelming to choose a destination in Africa with the plethora of options. Having expert advise from an African travel expert is the best way to determine where and when to travel. We have put together a few guidelines that can help on your decision making. Investment Price Let us be honest…The money […]